Filled ores (Packed ores)

10,603 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

Now, in the world will be generated new filled ores which will have more resources. You will need not to put them in the furnace. For example, if you break filled iron ore, you will get 3 iron ingots immediately!

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Update V 10


Added gold converter. This block can convert 1 golden ingot into the 3 iron ingots if you right click on it with golden ingot.

It can be very useful for people who do not like gold!







Update V 9с for minecraft 1.10.2

 Lite version with vanilla ores which have new 3D models!


1. Models fixed

2. Added rare mob with surprise - Cursed Digger (drop: gold and maybe diamond)




Was developed Lite-version V8

Were cut all blocks except for vanilla ores.


Mod contains filled ores: coal, iron, emerald, diamond, gold and redstone dust.



Update V7.5 is ready!

What's new?

1. Name of the mod was changed!


2. Was fixed bugs with peat particles.


3. Peat appears less frequently.


4. Added quicksand. It is better not to step on it. You can rinse it with water. The quicksand's texture is lighter than usual stone's one. It is good trap for creatures of any generation and for players too! It can save your live if you fall on it. But in reality it's just the web, which got a lot of sand :D



5. Added coarse sand. This new sand is more solid than usual sand. Contains the drop of the 3 sand blocks. 












Update V7  1.9.4


 New mechanics of ore destroying


New ore - peat. You can use it as a fuel! It has smoke particles which fly through the ground in the sky. It is a peat fire. So you can easy find it!



New ore - underground clay. Like an usual clay but spawns under the ground.


Were cut unwanted filled ores: glowstone, wood, lapis and quartz.














Update V6. Alpha-R is ready to download!

What will be changed and added?


1. Cut wild wheat


2. Added filled ore with wood.




3. Added filled glowstone ore.






 You can also download my other mod





 Update V5.5 is ready to download!

What was added?


1. Bugs will be eliminated.


2. Was added ore with bones.



3. Was added wild wheat.



4. Was added solid dirt. 







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