Extraordinary weapons

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 Extraordinary weapons ( Chopper)


          Mod for those who likes to destroy. Added lots of 3D awesome weapons. Also mod greatly simplifies the production of wood. Now you can create a chainsaw, which can break about 1,000 wood blocks with great speed. Crafting details and screenshots listed below:



I do it for the feeling that someone needs my efforts. For the sake of human happiness that I give for free.


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 Better to use in survival/adventure mode.


Update V7

At first was increased the damage radius of the flamethrower (4 blocks) and Net gun (8 blocks).

Added Plasma Gun

If bullet hits block then there will appear Plasma Sphere. If something or someone collides with it then it will explode.

Changed Ender Gun model.


Added Fury-Rage








Added Bunker's destroyer.

Very dangerous weapon and ammo for it is very expensive! When it collides the ground, it forms a vertical funnel by powerful explosion. Use wisely!

Added Titan-Shotgun.

Added Nail Gun

Added Electro-Pistol

   If you right click it on block you will create Lightning ball.  You can destroy lightning ball only by explosion.  If you or mob colide it you (or mob) will get damage.


Update V6D

Watch video to see new weapons.

Other guns

Some examples:

Added Rocket Launcher - X17 (Never use at close range! High blast radius!)  



Added Land mine


Update V 6 Alpha



Changed the models. Added Lava Gun.

Experimental model of the grenade launcher, Machette, Creeper-Launcher, Discharger and other below





 Update V 5 E


Added Flamethrower







 Changed model of the grenade launcher. For ammo - TNT



Added Crossbow, Bat and Club




Update V 5 B

Added Ender gun. If you have just one ender pearl then using this gun you can teleport and do not get damage. In addition, after each teleporting you will get your ender pearl again so you will never lose it if you use only this gun! But if shoot the mob with this gun you will lose your perl but the mob will fly far, far away...

Discharger's and Machinegun's models were changed.

Precision of the energy rifle zoomed in 5 times

Aded Throwing TNT and target

 Also added iron glove!



Throwing TNT




Iron glove



New model of the Discharger and Machinegun!






Update V4с 

 New weapons!

Bugs fixed.


Energy rifle (gauss rifle)




Creeper launcher









 Old showcase without energy rifle.







Combat Update V3



Added hand mortar

Bullet - stone





Added heavy machine gun

For bullet - heavy bullet










Chainsaw craft:



If you right click on any block holding chainsaw you can dismantle it in block and put it where ever you want! If you want to pick up it then you should to right click on it!