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Warning! This mod is no more continued, but don't worry I'm going to remake it - better textures, more mobs, spells, Patchouli support and even more! Prepare yourselves for more in the future and be patient!

ArcaneCraft is my first mod and it's about magic. You  can cast spells with wands, creating artifacts and some endgame tools. This mod is still in development. Made with MCreator


Thank you all for 1,000 downloads!

Last update added:


- 3 new items: soul (rare drop from mobs, the main item in this update), soul crystal, active soul crystal (use it to gain benefitical effects!)

- new spell type - minion summoning - actually two summons: zombie - slow as normal zombie - higher health and damage than skeleton summon, skeleton - weaker than zombie, but faster,

- new block - soul in a jar - fancy block for decoration, but also has some enchantment power bonus. Sometimes makes some sounds!

- new advancements.

Small guide:

At the start kill some mobs and try to get some souls. Next on Arcane Altar combine 1 paper with 1 soul to obtain a Scroll of Necromancy. Then with it craft a right spell fragment for summon wands

(recipes in JEI). Simply combine new fragment with a wand to get the new one. Enjoy!

Next the Soul Crystal. Soul Crystals are items with usage in endgame. With i normal Soul Crystal and Dragon Breath in Arcane Altar make an active one and use ONLY in right situations.

On right clicked this item will disappear  and you will gain some buffs for 1:30min:

- health boost,

- strength.

Replaced artifacts with charms. Craft arcane rings (Jei) and open arcane altar and use existing items to make the charms:

- Charm of Return - 1 Arcane Ring + 1 Enderpearl,

- Charm of Molten Skin - 1 Arcane Ring + 1 Obsidian Ingot (from 1 Obsidian Heart you can craft 4 obsidian shards, and the shards smelt for ingots. Obsidian Heart is new Wither's drop.),

- Charm of Flight - 1 Arcane Ring + 1 Dragon's Wing (the wing now works only when held in hand, charm works when in inventory),

- Charm of Spectral Arcanum (sneak for Invisibility and Resistance effects) - 1 Arcane Ring + Soul Crystal (inactive)


How to get wands?

First you need to find some Crystal Ores underground, Next get some gold, craft nuggets, and with 8 nuggets a Golden Ring. Using Two Golden Rings, a Stick and a Crystal you can craft a basic wand. (Crafting Table recipes

are in JEI). Then smelt 4 Crystals to Dusts and craft a basic Spell Book. If you like Black Magic you can also craft a Dark Spell Book but instead of regular Crystal Dusts use Dark Dust - item obtained by a ritual casted using Withered Bone (wither skeleton's new drop) and regular Crystal Dust. To enchant your Wand you need Spell Fragments:

- Ice - rarely dropped by enemies in snowy biomes,

- Fire - rarely dropped by burning enemies, also if they just are in the Nether,

- Wind - the simplest - rarely dropped from enemies that don't burn,

- Evocation (Black Magic) - rarely from Illagers,

- Lighting - rarely from enemies while raining or thundering,

- Wither (Black Magic) - rarely from Wither Skeletons.

Added two new spells!

- Meteor Fall - my personal favorite! You can get the fragment by killing Magma Cubes with 4% chance.

Meteor Fall


-Dragon Breath - similar to Ignite, but with much more damage, has purple particles like the real dragon breath. It have only craftable fragment(use 4 paper and 1 Ender Scale).


Added next new spell! Ender Warp (fragments from Endermen) - simple, shoot and where the bullet is, there you'll get teleported.



Next you will need two crafting stations - Arcane Altar and Casting Table. The second one you need to get first. Craft it like Enchantment Table but instead of Obsidian add any planks, and instead of Diamonds, Golden Rings.

On Casting Table combine any Spell/Dark Spell Book with any Spell Fragment and you will get a Spell Book with a spell inside.

Next the Casting Altar. You will need: 1 Crystal, 4 Golden Rings, 4 any type Planks ( use JEI for full recipes), and Ritual Knife (1 Crystal, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Stick) to finish avery ritual on the altar.

The last thing to do. Take your Wand, a Spell/Dark Spell Book (with a spell), open Arcane Altar, put them inside, close and shift-right click with the Ritual Knife to get a new useful one!


An example

You said something about artifacts. What about them?

Replaced them with charms. Details above


Does this mod contain any tools, weapons, armor?

Yes. To get the armor - Ender Scale armor - kill the Ender Dragon, get it's scales and on Arcane Altar combine 1 Scale with any Golden armor part to get the Ender Scale one.

The armor set bonus is Strength effect, but only if you are in the End.

The armor

Next about tools and weapons. Smelt an Ender Scale to Arcanium Ingot. With 1 Ingot and any golden tool on Arcane Altar craft an Arcanium tool like sword, pickaxe, axe...


Added first pet [WIP] - Pumpkin Seedling


To get him, craft some Magic Seeds (recipe in JEI) and right click on pumpkin. There's 15% chance for success. The pet will regenerate you if you're close to his hitbox.

Ok, i think I told you the most important things. This mod is not finished and will get updates as soon as possible. Anyway, it's compatibile with Survival Mode, so you can start playing!

If you have ideas or suggestions, share them in comments.



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