Undead Unleashed (Undead Expansion 2)

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This is a complete remake of Undead Expansion. It's a Forge mod aiming to expand on undead creatures and not only undead ones, adding a darker atmosphere to Minecraft while keeping the vanilla feel.

There will be more features coming with updates, new or tweaked from the legacy mod.

Currently supported Minecraft versions: 1.18.2, 1.19.2




  • Wraith

A cloaked, skeletal apparition. Wraiths tend to lurk in the shadows which makes them harder to spot than regular monsters. If you manage to encounter one, then you're most likely already it's target! They spawn like most hostiles, at night or in darkness. Everytime a Wraith attacks you, you'll be blinded for a few seconds and the Wraith becomes invisible, but is still surrounded by smoke particles. Hitting an invisible Wraith makes it visible again.

Only Wraiths that are not invisible can blind their prey. Like most undead, Wraiths burn in sunlight.


  • Bones
  • Cursed Cloth
  • Reaping Scythe (uncommon)


  • Haunter

A disturbing spirit depraved of it's host. Whenever you slay a "humanoid" creature (ex. Zombie, Skeleton, Villager, Illager, Piglin, Flamebreather or Frenzied Knight) there's a small chance for a Haunter to spawn. They can also appear naturally, but only in Soul Sand Valleys in the Nether. Commonly slow, Haunters gain a significant speed boost when hit. They can inflict Slowness on their prey. Like most undead, Haunters burn in sunlight.


  • Soul Remnants


  • Frenzied Knight

A long time ago -  a noble warrior, now a vicious undead brute. The Knights spawn like most hostiles, at night or in darkness. They wear tough armor made from Grave Metal making them strong and harder to kill than a regular monster and immune to knockback. Often, when attacked, a Knight can raise a Shield to block next incoming attacks. If you are brave enough to attack a shielded Knight, your strike will get deflected inflicting you with temporal Slowness and Weakness. After some time he will hide his shield and perform two quick slashes using his sword in a small area of effect. Unlike most undead, Frenzied Knights don't burn in sunlight.


  • Bones
  • Grave Metal Ingots
  •  parts of Grave Metal armor including the helmet (uncommon)


  • Flamebreather

A burning demon from the depths of hell. Flamebreathers reside in the Nether. These fearsome beasts, like Frenzied Knights, don't take any knockback. As the mob's name suggests, it can breath fire. These fiends do so when enraged. You can sometimes enrage them by simply attacking. You can notice it when a Flamebreather gets surrounded by flame particles. Then after a short time it will start aggressively breathing fire at you for a few seconds. Flamebreathers also have a second, more common move. When you attack them, they can shortly fly up for a while and then drop down and slam the ground causing a small explosion that doesn't harm blocks. The explosion sets nearby mobs on fire and launches them into the air! 


  • Ghost Peppers
  • Demon Horns



  • Grave Metal - a material currently used to craft a new armor set, an axe and a sword. Regular skeletons will often wear weapons and armor (they can not drop worn down pieces though) from this material except for the helmet which is exclusive to Frenzied Knights and cannot be crafted. Grave metal chunks can be dropped from Skeletons or Grave Soil and are used to craft ingots. An ingot can be smelted to Iron. Perhaps this will be a sort of an alternative to the infamous iron farms, please let Iron Golems live in peace :( This material may get expanded in future updates, maybe even with cross-mod compatibility.


  • Ghost Pepper - a food item meant to be used... in combat! It's super hot and spicy making you breath literal fire which you can use against your enemies! But be ware, along with the spice comes small fire damage which you take over time after eating it. Fire Resistance recommended! You can remove the burning effect by entering water. Ghost Peppers are dropped by Flamebreathers.
  • Demon Horn - like Ghost peppers, it drops from Flamebreathers. It's current and only use is in a new crafting recipe for the vanilla Trident but it may get expanded upon in future updates.
  • Soul Remnants - item dropped by Haunters or any mob killed with the Reaping Scythe. Mainly used as a crafting material for soul related stuff without the need to go to the Nether! It may recieve more uses in later updates.
  • Cursed Cloth - worn by Wraiths and dropped by them. It's current an most likely only use is to craft pieces of Shadow Armor.
  • Reaping Scythe - this mowing weapon rarely dropped by Wraiths is used to harvest Soul Remnants from slain creatures. It has high damage, but is a little slower than a sword. Can be repaired with Grave Metal Ingots. Works with Better Combat.
  • Grave Soil - sometimes generates in small patches surrounded with coarse dirt in place of grass blocks. When looted at day it will drop common stuff like Bones, Grave Metal Scraps and Gold Nuggets and some experience. At night it gets more interesting. Then the loot pool is enriched with Gold IngotsSkeleton Skulls, and less commonly, Diamonds! But there's also a downside. During nighttime a Haunter might jump at you! Don't be mad, you're disturbing his grave after all ;) Higher risk, higher reward!


  • Grave Metal - can be crafted from the new material except from the helmet which is exclusive to Frenzied Knights. Defense a bit lower than Diamond, but the full set gives you a 15% chance to fully block an incoming attack and give you temporal Resistance! A great defensive option.
  • Shadow - made from Wraiths' Cursed Cloth has a defense lower than Iron, but wearing a full set of Shadow Armor when attacking an enemy temporarily turns you into a shadow granting you with Shadow Form effect. During this time you get an Invisibility and Speed boosts. Shadow Form gets interrupted when you take damage. A great offensive/mobility option.





A:N and O. If you want a backport, you can make an unofficial one yourself but remember to credit me in some way or add as a project member.

Q:Fabric version anytime?

A:Not planned. If you want Fabric, things go similar to backporting.

Q:Can I use it in modpacks, videos, reviews?

A:Sure! I would love it :)

Q:Can I repost this mod?

A:Not without my permission. If I allow the mod distribution to a separate website, the download option MUST be linked to here, the official mod page on Curseforge.



  • Don't download this mod from sites outside Curseforge or MCreator websites. If 3rd party websites have an option to download the files on their own. These are not approved by me and I don't take responsibility for any issues with these files.
  • If you want to report a bug, go ahead, post a comment. If it's a full on crashlog, provide a pastebin.com link in a comment. A full crashlog in the comments just takes unnecessary space and will be ignored.
  • You can disable any of the modded mobs with gamerules:

- Wraiths - allowWraithsSpawning - true/false,

- Haunters - allowHauntersSpawning - true/false

- Frenzied Knights - allowKnightsSpawning - true/false

- Flamebreathers - allowFiendSpawning - true/false

For more mob spawning configuration I highly recommend using InControl!.



Well... not anymore. I decided to give up on them as the only thing I would really like to update are primarily creatures, and that's my main focus for now. If you want to make functional spawners/summon mobs check out other mods like Spirit.


Have fun playing!


Made with MCreator.


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