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Electrona is my first Tech mod. It first began when I wanted to make a mod with energy, solar panels, batteries, ...
Then I expanded it, making more and more generators and machines, more useful items and armors.
I also wanted to make cleaner GUIs that are more representative of what Electrona is about: a clean mod.


Electrona can work with Machineria, a mod by Hidan.
The EL Converter can convert ELs into VPs and into FE (Forge Energies)
Electrona also work with Patchouli Books. The Electronic Tablet gives you many informations about blocks, machines and custom recipes.
WARNING : Patchouli Books have been dropped since r1.2 version, so use the website instead.

Special Thanks

People who helped me making this mod are below the description, but I wanted to make special thanks to :

- Aixiis (alias aixiis) for helping design the first GUIs that defined and still define Electrona.
- BananOgato (alias darklaime) for helping designing things for this mod and being a good texturer.
- Fredzik22 (alias fredzik2) who is also a good texturer of the mod.



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