Arcane Engineering

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Arcane Engineering is a crossover mod for Thaumcraft and Immersive Engineering which aims to add useful and non-OP features to the game.



  • Thaumium Drill Head
  • Void Drill Head
  • Upgradeable Treated Wood Wands
  • Wand Upgrades
  • Steel and Electrum Wand Caps, which proide a unique bonus to treated wood wands
  • Impulse Boots (consume biodiesel to propel the player upward, like a jetpack)
  • Node Destabilizer (consumes RF to make nodes hungry)




Planned Features:

  • Balancing stuffs
  • Power generation
  • Automatons, maybe?


Thanks to:

  • Azanor, for making thaumcraft
  • BluSunrize and DamienHazard for making immersive engineering (which I also borrowed some code from)
  • HuggableCreep, for making the model and texture for the destabilizer