AOBD singularities

517,603 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 25, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

This is an addon for AOBD, it adds singularities for Avaritia.


Avaritia adds a couple of singularities for ores that are commonly found in most mods and there are also a couple of addon mods that add more singularities to avaritia. But somehow I didn't think that was enough and made this mod.


This mod is heavily based on AOBD berry bushes.


If you like videos , here's a spotlight by ShepherdShang:


This mod does not make mods such as Thermal singularities or Universal singularities obsolete. This mod can only add singularities for materials that have an ore form and an ingot form, and those mods add singularities for things like coal or enderium, which is something this mod will never do.

Anyone is free to incluse this mod in any modpack as long as the modpack is in no way monetized.


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