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Looking for a mod that adds new animals to add to the game? This is your mod. Currently adds 12 mobs including the Walrus and the cute Dirty Pig with its special biome, the Muddy Swamp, a totally peaceful biome ^^


For versions 2.0.2 / 2.0.1 / 2.0.0 you need Abnormals Core TO MAKE THE MOD WORK. Higher versions don't need it.

It also adds a new fluid with which you can make new decorative blocks!

These are a couple of mobs that the mod includes in the two exclusive biomes! (You can see the other mobs in the dropdown menu below.)


This is a list of everything that the mod contains.:

Two new Biomes!

Muddy Swamp. Dirty Pigs, Slimes and a few Lilygators spawn here. It can be considered a monster-free biome since they don't spawn any like the mushroom biome.Being an area "with mud", mud lakes are generated at height 60. They are like this to give a sedimentation environment.

Desert Lakes. It is like a normal desert but much flatter and with a high probability that there are huge lakes. Many Hippos appear here as it is their natural biome!

The 12 new animals!

-Brown Bear: Your little friend from the forest, who attacks you if he sees you! He also attacks and searches for bees in order to get their honey. You can feed him honey and he will happily eat it. Drops: Bear meat and fur, plus sometimes honey.

-Dirty Pig: This little friend drops a lot of things When time passes, it drops mud like chickens drop eggs.. Aside from meat, it can also drop water lilies and Blue Orchid. Breed: Like a normal pig.

-Bull: If you approach him, he thinks he is going to send you away, watch out! Breed: Wheat. Drops: Bull horn, very rarely a poppy and a special item. Also leather and the same meat as the cow.


-Eagle: Be careful with the sky, an eagle can attack you and it is not usually alone. Drops: Feathers, chicken and sticks.


-Hippopotamus: This big man likes the dunes and is only found there. Every X time if you right-click it with a shovel something can happen ... but be careful, it doesn't like people. When time passes, it drops sand like chickens drop eggs. Breed: Melon slice. Drops: Hippopotamus meat and sand.


-Jellyfish: We have a little friend in the ocean, but don't hurt him or he will return it to you. Drops: Jelly, sponge piece.


-Lilygator: It is like an alligator but greener. He loves swamps and pigs, very much. Drops: Lilygator meat, lily pad and lilygator leather


-Platypus: It's a platypus, it doesn't do anything. Or is it not just a platypus? Breed: Lily Pad.


-Clay Snail: Drops clay and with a low possibility its own shell. When time passes, it drops clay like chickens drop eggs. Yes, infinite clay. Breed: Wheat and Kelp.


-Walrus: Beware of the Walrus. This mob lives peacefully unless you mess with it. Drops quite a bit of leather and sometimes his own fangs. If you sometimes see them near a polar bear, they will not hesitate to attack it, be careful. Breed: Pufferfish, Tropical Fish and Kelp.


-Vulture: If you find one flee, they may be few at first but if they feel threatened more may appear to hunt you down. Drops: Feather, bone, all heads.


-White Shark: Never again will the seas be safe. It is a lethal animal that will drain your life with every hit. Drop: Shark scale, all fishs.


-A few decorative blocks I recommend using JEI to see the crafts and the Jellyblock (is like Slime but pink).

 And 3 armors that give you potion effects!


The mod adds a configuration file where you can change the spawn of animals and biomes.



Support here! >Here!

Issue Tracker here!



Sadly not. I loved this mod but 1.17.1 will be its last version. I hope you like it.


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