Alex's Caves


Alex's Caves

This mod requires Citadel


Alex’s Caves is a Forge mod for Minecraft 1.20.1 that adds 5 new cave biomes to the Overworld. Unlike most normal biomes, these cave biomes are exceedingly rare - yet they all contain a variety of unique blocks, items, mobs and mechanics that makes them considerable subterranean destinations. These five biomes are the Magnetic Caves, the Primordial Caves, the Toxic Caves, the Abyssal Chasm and the Forlorn Hollows


To find any of these cave biomes, you’ll need to discover an Underground Cabin anywhere in the overworld. From there, you will find loot barrels with cave tablets and a Cave Compendium - a guide book for Alex’s Caves that should provide you with all the knowledge needed to find and explore any biome added by the mod. For more information on getting started, see the ‘Getting Started’ section on the mod’s wiki.


Alex’s Caves is a very large mod with a great deal of effort put into the look and feel of each new biome. Each biome added may have its own ambient particles, fog, brightness, light color and more. Because of this, it is recommended to experience this mod without shaders, since many shaders can alter or worsen the unique appearance of several of the biomes. The mod also has built-in compatibility with Just Enough Items and Alex’s Mobs.


Any additional questions can be answered on the Discord server, and bugs can be reported on Github.




  • Alexthe668: programmer and co-creator
  • Noonyeyz: artist and co-creator

Sound Team:

  • PrismaticPinky: sound design
  • LudoCrypt: musician
  • Gatetoh: musician and sound design
  • Arby698: sound design
  • RenRen: musician
  • _Ninni_: sound design

Documentation Team:

  • HolidayRaptor: documentation
  • PlummetStudios: documentation