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What is Albedo? Albedo is, quite simply, a coremod that offers some pretty special graphical utilities. Currently it is fairly small and untested, and is primarily centered around adding a framework for dynamic, colored lighting to the game.


This mod adds no functionality on its own, and is intended as something that other mods may add optional support for.


IMPORTANT: This mod is fairly invasive. In order to support its lighting engine, it needs to hook into a lot of rendering and perform some things that may not be supported on your system. Use the mod's in-game config to disable lighting if you encounter issues, and see if turning lights off fixes them.


KNOWN ISSUES (1.12.2):

 - Since OptiFine does a similar technique to apply its own shaders, OptiFine shaders and Albedo lights are not compatible. This includes the OptiFine "internal" shaders.

 - For as-of-yet unknown specific reasons, Hardcore Darkness' lighting changes will not work with Albedo. I will look into this in the future.


If you enjoy the mod and would like to support EpicSquid, you can find his Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/epicsquid315