Amazing FoodStuffs

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It's been a hot minute, I've added a good number of things. I planned on waiting until I could finish some things but was too excited. And as always, each vegetable and fruit has a different level of benefit for you when you eat them.



 - Mint leaves

 - Cherries

 - Maraschino Cherries

 - Red Bell Peppers

 - Yellow Bell Peppers

 - Green Bell Peppers

 - Greenbeans

 - Blueberries

 - Endive(s?)

 - Eggplant

 - Strawberries

 - Celery

 - Sugar Water Jar (Soon to be an itemBlock)

 - Oil Flask recipe

 - Boiling Milk

 - Crushed Bone

 - Less Rotten Flesh

 - Glue

 - CoffeeMaker (Not functional yet, but will be)



 - Changed the way the cutting board is made



 - Simple Circuits 

 - Jars


     I guess that's it, maybe I should've just said "Some stuff was added," instead. Work and upcoming plans for Military service, on top of an engagement, has taken up a lot of my time, but I'm trying.