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     IMPORTANT NOTE: For anyone using the 1.15.1 beta, I probably should have given the 1.15.1 version it's own page as a lot will be changing with how things are made and how the mod is played. For now they are very similar so there is not much need, however as the versions become more different it may be a problem, I'm not sure how I will handle that when the time comes. As of now the 1.15.1 version is playable and complete-enough for what is in it, though it is missing some blocks and items from 1.12 still, thanks.

     Welcome to Amazing FoodStuffs and Other Essentials, this overview has gone through many iterations but for now i thought i'd start from scratch and work through the creation of your first sandwich as a demo for the mod, then at the end ill go over the current features and plans for the future, currently there are 76 Sandwiches that can be made, thats because of all the ways you can mix and match the ingredients, each food item you make will benefit you more or less depending on what ingredients you use, but for now we will just make one. So with that run-on sentence over with, lets begin, the pictures did not want to stay in the middle but we will push on. So the first thing you will want to do is gather up some iron, a good bit of iron, and go ahead and smelt that to receive some Hardened Iron Ingots:

     Next we will want to make two tools, the Vegetable Knife and the Tenderizer using the newly acquired hardened iron and some sticks: 



     Now tenderize some raw beef, and cook it, in the end you will have Cooked Tenderized Beef:



     There are a few crops added by this mod, for now we will grab a Tomato and take our Vegetable Knife, and slice the Tomato up for our sandwich. 


     Now we're cookin'.....I'll stop. Anyway, next we will make some cheese, for now we'll make some Muenster cheese because i like it's name. So, first thing we need to do is create a Milk Sack, and then add some milk, which for now is done manually:



     Almost there, now we will heat up the milk to get some Curd, unfortunately the milk sacks need to be disposed of after use, maybe you'll be able to create a sturdier sack later on *cough* this is foreshadowing *cough*:


     Now combine that with a little fresh milk from a bucket or a Milk Sack and once that settles we will have some fresh Muenster cheese for our sandwich. 


     Lastly its time to make the bread, i prefer White Buns over Wheat Buns myself, so lets take our Mortar and Pestle, made with some stone and Hardened Iron, and grind up some vanilla Wheat, and get some Flour:


     Now we can combine that Flour with some Sugar, Water, and Salt, which can be found amongst the stone in the world, this will make our Dough:


     Finally, we just need to bake our Dough to get our White Bun, and we can put our Sandwich together: 




     Thats it! We've made the first sandwich, first of many food items that you can make, i also want to point out that it seems like a lot when you make it for the first time, but you'll find that as you gather more materials, the making of food becomes more fun than tedious. So ill take this opportunity to detail some of the other things in the mod:

  •      76 Sandwiches
  •      16 Pizzas
  •      13 Tacos
  •      4 Cheeses
  •      4 Soups
  •      7 types of Meat (is Tofu a meat?.....sure)
  •      3 different Vegetables (with many more to come)
  •      Both Cheese blocks and Molten Cheese Blocks
  •      7 Tools used for different food preparation 
  •      Two new ores (Salt and Baking Soda, salt is the only useful ore at the moment)
  •      The automatic Grinder Block (this may be removed as it doesnt fit with the theme very well)
  •      A potion to change some vanilla food items
  •      A new Entity - Fame Minion, when killed they will drop Fame shards, beef and other things
  •      A new rare structure that will contain many goodies from the mod

     And believe it or not, a bunch more, but i dont want to give it all away in the description, this mod will have heavy support, i will try to push the updates a bit farther apart, but have them be more substantial. My plans for the Future are: 

  •      Change Fame Minion a bit (done)
  •      Add the god Fame (done)
  •      Add the god Cibus
  •      Add an in-game recipe book
  •      Add and in-game Lore book

     Anyway thanks for giving this mod a try and checking out this page, if you find any bugs or have any suggestions please let me know :D






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