AdvancedChat has gone through a major change and has now been split into separate mods. All the features that are listened on this page have been added to the separate mods and in most cases been improved. To see these new mods and download them check out this link. For this repository it is eventually planned to distribute releases with all of them combined into one.


AdvancedChat is a mod that allows for tons of customization for your chat! Some of it's main features are:

  • Change colors
    • Background of the Chat Hud
    • Blank text
    • Have the messages in chat hud be striped (alternates between lighter and darker backgrounds between messages)
  • Advanced Search
    • Use Regular Expressions
    • Case Sensitive or Insensitive
  • Chat Tabs
    • Sections of chat that can store specific messages that matches an advanced search
    • Have a preset prefix to start chat when you open up chat in the specified tab
    • Block messages from going into the main chat tab
  • Chat Filters
    • Replace an advanced search with specified text
    • Change the color of the match
    • Change the background color of the match
    • Play a sound when a match is found
    • Replace the full message
    • Children filters for more complex changes
    • OwO text
    • Send to ActionBar
  • Chat Log Screen
    • Stores up to 5000 messages
    • Can filter out using a search box
    • Show customized chat tabs
    • Customized Keybind to open it
  • Show time when messages are posted
    • Customize the format on how they display
    • Customize the color
  • Change chat hud visibility
    • Have the hud display behave like vanilla
    • Have the hud display at all times
    • Have the hud only display when chat is focused
  • Stack messages
    • Stack only up to the last message
    • Stack up to 20 messages back
  • Chat Suggestor
    • Spell checker
    • Chat calculator
    • JSON Formatter
  • Chat Heads that work on most servers
  • Keep current typed message in chat field even after chat close
  • More features soon to come!

One powerful feature of AdvancedChat is its message filtering. There are two main categories of filtering for now, replacing, and notifying. Within each filter you can choose if the filter looks for certain words and then replaces them, or if it finds words and plays a sound effect for you.

With this mod you can block/replace full lines of messages, or just certain words. Some examples of this would be to color your IGN, notify if someone messages you, or block sensitive messages if you're recording.

The best feature is probably the chat tabs, you can now sort your messages into different tabs.

Another feature is a full screen to show you what messages you have received. The ChatLogScreen is very useful if you want to see specific messages from a person. Each message also comes with a timestamp that is customizable.

MaLiLib and the Fabric API are required for AdvancedChat

More information on customization is available on the GitHub repository. Please submit any features or bugs to the issue tracker!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on my Discord.

Alternate Colors Log Tabs