Advanced XRay (Forge Edition)

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Filename xray-1.12.2-1.6.0.jar
Uploaded by Error_MiKeY
Uploaded Jul 28, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
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MD5 69a6284310ebd8b67b9fd72c4e8ee160
Supported Java Versions
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Advanced XRay // 1.12.2-1.6.0

Welcome to the next instalment of: How am I this bad at updating a mod. In this long overdue update we've fixed a load of things, added some QOL (quality of life) improvements as well as making the mod work again!

Note: I've tested this version as much as I can so if there are any issues please report them on my Github and I'll get them sorted as soon as I can.


  • Another completely new way of adding blocks. Instead of using the old broken id:meta system we're now storing blocks the correct way and using that data to find them in the world correctly. (THIS FIXED CHESTS! Yes I heard all of you cheaters :laugh:)
  • The main gui (where all your blocks are shown) is now a scrollable list!
    • Oh and you can also search in it! This makes it so much easier to find your blocks to turn them off and on.
    • And we actually remember the items order so you no longer have to keep re-finding the block (Sorry).
  • Blocks will not fade out as they get further away, this helps so much when you have a lot of blocks enabled (You can also disable the effect if you don't like it :cry:)
  • A lot of performance gains. It's still not 100% the best it can be but it's much better. We no longer support stone, grass and a few other blocks for performance reasons (this gains about 10FPS).
  • A new Help button to explain how to use the GUI and why some options do different things.
  • You can now scroll (mouse scroll) in the Gui block list list!
  • In-game config editing 👍 this is so nice to use
    • You can edit the outline thicken here
    • You can enable and disable the Xray Active in the top left
    • You can enable and disable the Fading Effect for blocks
  • We now store blocks in a blockStore.json in your config dir. This is future proofing for when I add support for per world sets.
  • When adding a block using add block you will see a warning on the add button telling you about the specific changes with states.


  • CHESTS! Yes you can now find chests again but a word to the wise would be to use the add block option and not the add looking at button.
  • A crash on reading configs
  • The render overlay causing an issue with the inventory hot bar.
  • Some odd render related crashes.


  • The main gui has been moved around a bit to support the new features 👍


  • Meta button as it did nothing. Sorry.
  • Blocks being stored in the config. Your config will still work but your blocks will not be ported from the config to the new system. Sorry, it's just not worth me adding a load of code for just one version change.

The next version will be for 1.14.x! I can't wait to move the mod onto more versions of Minecraft. Thank you all for the over 600,000 downloads.