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Minecraft Forge based XRay mod designed to aid players who don't like the ore searching process.


  • Built using Forge ⚒
  • Clean UI For Adding, Deleting and Editing the blocks you want to X-Ray
  • Full RGB Colour selector
  • Searchable List to find Blocks
  • Add Blocks from your hand
  • Add Blocks you're looking at!
  • Searchable list of blocks you've added
  • Json store for the blocks you've added. Easy to edit and share!


  • Mob support
  • Show near lava / water
    • Support for fluids now it's a new system in 1.14
  • Simpler color selector
  • Complete rewrite.

How to use

Using XRay

  • Press [Default] Backslash to toggle Xray on and off
  • Press [Default] G to open the in-game GUI

Adding Ores

  • Open the GUI Editor pressing [Default] G
  • Select the method you'd like to use to add a block, either From hand, What you can see, or By searching a list
  • Modify the Name, Color, and anything else you'd like to change
  • Click add and Enable the Block

Editing Ores

  • Right click on any item in the GUI and edit as needed
  • Click save and the changed will be applied


The Imgur Album XRAY

Use on public servers

note on use of the mod on servers: I want to make this very clear, I DO NOT support using this mod on servers, if you create an issue and I see you've tried to join a server, I will close the issue. This mod is only maintained because I personally use it for myself, on my own worlds. Do not break other servers rules, they are there because the owners want you to play a specific way, respect that or plan on a different server.


A quick note on versioning. I try to support everything I can but with limited time I opt to discontinue every version 2 versions below the current game version. Example: we're currently on 1.14.4 so I will support 1.14.4 and 1.12.2 ( we missed 1.13 ). If you find a very big bug in an old version I might be abe to resolve it if you submit a detailed bug report.

Minecraft Version Mod Version Branch Author
1.16.1 2.3.1 /1.16 Michael Hillcox
1.15.2 2.2.0 /1.15.x Michael Hillcox
1.15.1 2.1.0 /1.15.x Michael Hillcox
1.14.4 2.0.4 Limited support /1.14.x Michael Hillcox
1.12.2 1.5.0 Discontinued /1.12.2 Michael Hillcox
1.12.1 1.3.4 Discontinued /1.12.1 Michael Hillcox
1.12 1.3.3 Discontinued /1.12.x Michael Hillcox
1.11.2 1.3.3 Discontinued /1.11.x Michael Hillcox
1.10.2 1.3.1 Discontinued /1.10.x Michael Hillcox
1.9.4 1.0.9 - Discontinued /1.9.4 BondarenkoArtur & Michael Hillcox
1.8.9 1.1.0 - Discontinued /1.8.x Michael Hillcox With help from BondarenkoArtur
1.7.10 - Discontinued /1.7.10 mcd1992 (mcd1992 / GitLab) & Michael Hillcox
1.6.4 1.0.0 - Discontinued /1.6.4 mcd1992 (mcd1992 / GitLab)

: This means the mod is longer supported unless a game breaking bug is found.

Limited support: This means the mod will only receive bug fixes when ones are listed. I will no longer be back porting feature changes unless I get bored and have time to fix them.


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