Advanced Hook Launchers

4,524,095 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 3, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds different hooks with launchers which give you ability to climb, abseil, jump off the cliffs, pull entities or players, and even slay the dragons!

Requires ForgeEndertech library.

Advanced and realistic physics:

  • The weight of the target relative to your weight is taken into account (do not even try to land the dragon alone!)
  • The hook can withstand only a certain maximum weight 
  • The tension force of the rope depends on its elasticity



When launcher in main hand

  • Launch hook - Attack (Left-click)
  • Reel - Drop Item (Q or X)

 When target is hooked

  • Pull - Use Item (Right-click)
  • Loosen - Attack (Left-click)
  • Unhook - Drop Item (Q or X)

 Extra control

  • Boost up - unhook (press Q or X) while pulling
  • Wall run - when a block is hooked, move forward while holding Sprint (LControl) button
  • Release - when you are hooked by other player, press Attack (Left-click) while holding Sneak (LShift) button (when is ridding, just press Attack button)
  • Smooth pulling/loosening - when a target is hooked, Pull/Loosen while holding Sneak (LShift) button 

Pudge hook

  • hooks entities and players
  • dismounts riding entities
  • auto-pulling
  • medium distance
  • high hook strength
  • high fire resistance

Spear hook

  • long distance
  • medium rope elasticity
  • medium fire resistance
  • makes damage to entities on hit
  • can be used for climbing

Web hook

  • long distance
  • high rope elasticity
  • low fire resistance
  • usefull for climbing and jumping (running) off a cliff
  • safe for other players (makes no damage)

Fully configurable: 

  • Set hook strength and fire resistance
  • Change rope color, length and elasticity
  • Extend launcher durability and reeling speed
  • Replace any recipe with a better one


  • Feel free to use the mod in any modpacks.
  • You are allowed to use it without asking for permission.


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