Advanced Combat

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This mod provides extremely powerful swords along with more flexible item enchanting. From advanced wooden swords to the incredible advanced nether star sword, this mod is sure to quench your thirst for power.

This mod also includes enchantment upgrades, which allow you to pick and choose enchantments for your tools and armor without needing an enchantment table or enchanted books. Simply craft the item with the upgrade and its enchantment level will go up by one.

You can also access enchantments up to twice the normal maximum by crafting elite enchantment upgrades, but some of these get quite expensive!

It also adds (previously from Advanced Addons):
• better durability tooltips to damageable items
• the Advanced Bow, which launches arrows faster and harder than the vanilla bow, and always shoots critical arrows,
• the Advanced Shield, which has more durability than the vanilla shield,
• Wooden, Stone, Nether Fortress, and Obsidian armors, each with special quirks and abilities, and
• a tracking dispenser that shoots at the nearest living entity within 32 blocks of it, rather than in only a single direction.
• a Creative Sword which can kill anything if the user is in Creative mode

Advanced Combat is open-source! Check out the github here.

Advanced Addons is the expansion for the old Advanced Swords (1.10 and before), check it out here.

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Here's a peek at the creative tab:

Swords from wood to nether!

The latter is quite expensive indeed, as it's crafted with a regular nether star sword (2x nether stars + a stick), a beacon, a nether star block (9x nether stars), and 2 enchanted golden apples.

Most recipes are simple, though. Crafting a sword with the block version of its material will give you its advanced big brother, such as the advanced iron sword:

The enchantments can be upgraded like so:


Enjoy the mod!

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Minecraft forum thread can be found here.