EZStorage 2

2,682,232 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 12, 2018 Game Version: 1.11.2   +1

EZStorage 2 introduces a storage system that scales and evolves as players progress. Want to put 100,000 Cobblestone in 1 slot? No problem. Blocks in the mod can add a search bar, a crafting grid, additional storage, external access, security, and more. Also includes JEI integration for 1-click crafting from the system's internal inventory!




  • Storage Core - This is the core of your storage system. Click on this block to open the GUI, and add adjacent blocks to expand. Each system can only have 1 Storage Core. This block can only be broken if it contains no items, but dollies can be used to move them as well as to move chests around your world.
  • Blank Box - a basic add-on that can be used to extend your system and craft the other boxes below.
  • Access Terminal - an add-on that allows you to access the system as if you were at the core.
  • Storage Box - Tier 1 storage add-on. This increases the storage capacity of the Storage Core by a small amount.
  • Condensed Storage Box - Tier 2 storage add-on.
  • Super Storage Box - Tier 3 storage add-on.
  • Ultra Storage Box - Tier 4 storage add-on.
  • Hyper Storage Box - Tier 5 storage add-on.
  • Input Port - Items can be put into the storage system by piping them into any side of this block.
  • Ejection Port - Violently extracts all items from the system into the block above it.
  • Extraction Port - a block that can have items extracted from any side of it, and has filtering support.
  • Crafting Box - This adds a crafting grid to the GUI of your Storage Core (compatible with JEI + clicking for easy crafting from the internal inventory).
  • Search Box - This adds a search bar to the GUI of your Storage Core. In addition to searching the item name / tooltip, now like JEI, '$' in front of a search will search the ore dictionary names, '@' will search mod ids and names, and '%' will search creative tab names.
  • Sorting Box - when this box is connected to your system, it gives you a few storage sorting modes to choose from, not just by count.
  • Security Box - This adds whitelist support to your system, so other players can't snoop around your stuff.

This mod is backwards-compatible with 1.9 and older EZStorage worlds. Unfortunately, it is not backwards-compatible with 1.9 and older EZ Extended worlds.


Thanks to ProfessorProspector for some of the mod's textures!