Achievement Books

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I am working on the 1.18.1 update. There is an alpha release already which should make things easy to test.

The biggest change is that from now on, the mod will be Fabric Only.


There are some other changes due to how Minecraft changed over time. Unfortunately we have lost the /ab reload functionality as it caused more issues than problems it solved.


Achievement Books

The Achivement Books mod introduces the ability to create multiple achievement books for Minecraft.


It is highly configurable via JSON to have headers, free flow text and achievement checklists on multiple pages.


If you're a map maker creating stories with several chapters, sometimes it's not enough to have everything in one achievement book. Also if you're creating a HQM modpack with several quest lines, now you can give achievements based on the quest branch.

Why use this mod?

  • you can have multiple achievement books for different parts of your game
  • you can  choose from 16 different colours for your book's design
  • you don't need to deal with difficult formatting files
  • you can describe your books in an easy to read format
  • you can upgrade your configs without the need to reset the book process
  • you can reload the books from the config without restarting the game (Only with versions before 1.18.1)
  • you can customize the crafting materials of the books


Once you've installed the mod and restarted the game, make sure you have OP permissions and then issue:

/ab give

The rest should be self-explanatory. If not, refer to the User's Manual

User's Manual

Find the User's manual and other things on the project's github page

Can I use it in my modpack?

Absolutely! The only caveat is: don't make money off of it without asking for permission first.

But I already use Simple Achievements and don't want to re-write the book

That's alright, there is a handy import command to do just that.

I have a question / idea

Leave a comment here, or open an issue on the github page of the project. I'd love to hear your feedback. If you installed it and liked it, leave me a line and show me what you came up with.

I love this, how can I help?

Making this mod takes up a lot of time in which I'm not making money. If you feel like making it a bit easier, buy me a coffee or a beer using the donate button on top of the page.

Alternatively if you're a map maker, consider adding an achievement of following me on my twitch / youtube. That would be very greatly appreciated and a lot of help. -


Don't ask for a Forge version

It won't happen unless Forge comes to parity with Fabric with the minecraft mappings.


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