What42's Vanilla-like Settings

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What42's Vanilla-like Settings for Complementary v4





These settings make Complementary look more like vanilla, and also gives it more gentle, comforting, and happy feel. In some ways, this is supposed to let you forget that you're even using shaders.

I've spent countless hours tweaking these settings to be just the way I want them, and I haven't seen anything that looks as good as this (in my opinion, of course).






How to install:

1: Make sure you have the latest version of Complementary v4

2: Open your shaderpacks folder
    2.1: Open Minecraft
    2.2: Go to the shaders menu
    2.3: Click 'Shaders Folder'
3: Make a copy of the Complementary shader zip and add "_Vanilla" to the end of the name (this step is optional)
4: Rename the file "SETTINGS_FILE" to the entire name of the shader file plus ".txt"

    For example, if the shader file is named "ComplementaryShaders_v4.6_Vanilla.zip", the settings file needs to be named "ComplementaryShaders_v4.6_Vanilla.zip.txt"
5: Move both the settings file and the README file into the shaderpacks folder.


When you're done, the shaderpacks folder should look something like this:



    ComplementartShaders_v4.6_Vanilla.zip.txt (this was originally the file "SETTINGS_FILE")


    + any other shaders








How do these setting impact performance compared to the default settings?
These settings are much less intensive than the default setting.


What all is this compatible with?
These settings should work with any version of Complementary v4 and any version of Minecraft that Complementary supports. That being said, though, it's always recommended that you use these settings with the latest version of Complementary. Also, this won't work with anything other than Complementary v4.


Can I use these settings in my modpack?
Yes! As long as you give credit, of course.


How can I share these settings with others?
Please link them to this page.


Where can I send suggestions, questions, and/or problems?
You can contact me on discord at What42Pizza#0283.







Things you might want to change...



... to make it run better:   (in order of what I'd turn off first)

1: Light Shafts

    Settings/World/Light-Shaft-Settings/Light-Shafts:  off

2:  Water Sky Reflections

    Settings/Materials/Reflection-Settings/Water-Translucent-Sky-Ref:  off

3:  Shadows  (it still looks SURPRISINGLY good with shadows off)

    Settings/Shadows/Real-Time-Shadows:  off

4:  Anti-Aliasing and Sharpening

    Settings/Post-Process/Anti-aliasing:  off,   Settings/Post-Process/Image-Sharpening:  0

5:  SSAO  (makes edges/corners of blocks darker)

    Settings/Shadows/SSAO:  off

6:  Subsurface-Scattering  (adds a glow around leaves and foliage, similar to silver linings on clouds)

    Settings/Shadows/Subsurface-Scattering-Settings/Subsurface-Scattering-Quality:  off

7:  Integrated PBR+  (adds more details to textures)

    Settings/RP-Support:  "Basic (PBR Disabled)"



... to make it look better:   (in order of what I'd turn on first)

1:  Better Anti-aliasing

    Settings/Post-Processing/Anti-aliasing:  LiteTAA + FXAA [+]

    Settings/Post-Processing/Image-Sharpening:  1 - 4

2:  Better Reflections

    Settings/Materials/Reflection-Settings:  all red settings on

3:  Rain Puddles

    Settings/Materials/Rain-Puddle-Settings/Rain-Puddles:  on

4: Projected Caustics  (caustics makes water wavy, projected caustics makes it wavy when looking into water (from the outside))

    Settings/Water/Projected-Caustics:  on

5:  Colored Shadows

    Settings/Shadows/Colored-Shadows:  on



... to make it look better, and less like vanilla:   (in order of what I'd turn on first)

1:  More Sun Rays

    Settings/Light-Shaft-Settings/Light-Shaft-Strength:  0.3 - 0.5

2:  More SSAO  (makes edges/corners of blocks darker)

    Settings/Shadows/SSAO-Strength:  1.6

3:  Non-Pixelated Shadows  (you might also want to turn up the shadow-map resolution if you do this)

    Settings/Shadows/Pixelated-Shadows:  off

4:  Foliage Shadows

    Settings/Shadows/No-Foliage-Shadows:  off

4:  Bloom

    Settings/Post-Process/Bloom-Settings/Bloom:  on

5:  Darken Shadows

    Settings/Lighting/Overworld-Light-Colors/Ambient-Intensity-On-Surface: 0.75 - 0.9

6:  More Waving

    Settings/World/Waving-Stuff-Settings/Waving-Speed: 1

    Settings/World/Waving-Stuff-Settings/Waving-Intensity: 1

    Settings/World/Waving-Stuff-Settings/Rain-Waving-Intensity-Mult: 1.5

7:  Colored Lights (only kinda works)







A full changelog is in the readme that comes with the settings file.


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