Sunflawer Shaders

138,228 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3   +29

Sunflawer Shaders - Bring The Best Out Of BSL.


What are Sunflawer Shaders?

Sunflawer Shaders are shaders that are meant to bring the best out of BSL made by Capt Tatsu, basically a modified version of BSL. The clouds, the colors, the water, the reflections, the shadows are different, etc. The peformance is very high and is playable in every GPU (which means it also supports every GPU). 


What do I do if I get issues?

If you get any issues, you must comment in the page of the shaders, and the owner (me) will notice quickly. 


Why is the description so lazy?

I don't have any ideas of descriptions yet, I'll change that later.


Why are you making so much shaders?

Making shaders started to be my hobby, so I want to try to make different shaders and learn from the mistakes I do. It's also a way of sharing my creativity.


What's the purpose of the shaders?

The shaders are supposed to make BSL look extreme, while not taking too much peformance.


Any other shaders I should download?

You should download BSL, Vanilla Plus, Kappa, Nostalgia, BBL, Oceano, Windom, Exposa and RRe36's Shaders.


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