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This is a template for the mod Patchouli, and it's intended to be used by modpack makers. By itself, it serves absolutely no use to players.



How to install & use:

0) Install Patchouli, and Resource Loader.

1) Extract the zip onto your main modpack folder.

2) Done! You can now use the template (it's called "boss_info").

You can view a "fill in the blanks" premade page which uses this template here. Below, you can see what each blank affects.

"Text" means that you should put text or numbers there (formatting is allowed).
"Item" means that you should define an ItemStack String.
As for the "piece" part, you MUST fill it with none, pawn, bishop, queen, or king. I added this field for use in my own pack, to signify the difficulty of each boss. The "none" option will leave it blank.

Additional examples come packed with the zip file, and you can see what each example does in the "Images" section of this page.


Version Compatibility: I've only tested this on Forge for 1.12.2, but in theory, it should work with other versions of Forge (or even Fabric) if Patchouli has the same syntax.



If you need any help regarding this template, feel free to leave a comment, DM me on Curse, or join my discord


Credit is appreciated, but optional. Just don't claim my work as your own.



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