Netherending Ores - Configs

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2


Sep 18, 2017

Owner: ic_trab


These configs provide full support for the generating of ores in the mod Netherending Ores

They are required as Netherending Ores does not have any built in ore generation by design.


Installation for CoFH World

Extract the .json files from the provided zip file to config\cofh\world\ of your modpack instance in order to use them. Ensure that both Netherending Ores and CoFH World are installed and working before installation.


Mod Support

Currently supports CoFH World only.

Can add support for MMD OreSpawn without too much effort (just ask).


Future Ideas

• Have a version with single files per ore? This will allow for easy selection of ores to generate by simply not using files that are not required, may be helpful for people with less json editing experience. Also priority could be changed by simply changing filenames.

• Change config files to generate rarest ores first to ensure that they get some priority.

• Integrate modified Thermal Foundation and Vanilla files to improve generation priority and add ores that don't generate by default e.g. Platinum and Mana Infused Ore (Mithril).


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