IronChests + Extra Carts (Cart Chest Upgrades and Returns)

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This script will only work if you have the following mods installed:


This script allows you to do the following:

  • Retrieve items from the cart in the crafting grid instead of placing and breaking.  This includes all items vanilla Minecraft and Extra Carts allows you to place in a cart, not just the various chests.  (leaves behind empty cart in grid)
  • Upgrade from one cart chest to a better one through crafting (Minecart with Chest -> Minecart with Copper Chest -> Minecart with Iron Chest, etc.) using all of the same recipes included in IronChests, just with the cart variants in the center.
  • Allows you to convert from a Minecart with Obsidian Chest to a Minecart with Crystal Chest (returning 8 obsidian in the crafting grid) and vise versa.


NOTE: As not to allow odd conversions, the script also requires that you use vanilla colorless glass to create a Minecart with Crystal Chest.



Simply place this script in the "scripts" folder (located in the same directory as your "mods" folder).