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This script will only work if you have the following mods installed:


This script allows you to do the following:

  • Craft a Crystal Chest into a Diamond Chest and return 8x Glass
  • Craft an Obsidian Chest into a Diamond Chest and return 8x Obsidian
  • Craft a Crystal Chest into an Obsidian Chest and return 8x Glass
  • Craft an Obsidian Chest into a Crystal Chest and return 8x Obsidian
  • The above features also apply to the various colored Shulker Boxes, retaining inventories for each.
  • Chests used as input will now check for an existing NBT tag and retain it when upgrading.  See Silk Chests mod (not required).

A demonstration:


NOTE 1: As not to allow odd conversions, the script also requires that you use vanilla colorless glass to create a Diamond Chest, or Diamond Shulker Box.

NOTE 2: Latest script(s) for Minecraft 1.12.2 require CraftTweaker 4.1.9 or higher to function correctly.


Simply place the script or zip file in the "scripts" folder (located in the same directory as your "mods" folder).