AdminCam - Spectator/FreeCam Datapack for Admins, Moderation and redstoners

133 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 21, 2021 Game Version: 1.18.1   +2

Admin Cam is a datapack that allows you to put yourself in spectator mode, go watch players and come back in one command from where you left and being in the right game mode again.

What is AdminCam?

It is a datapack for servers (although it works on solo worlds), for moderators, administrators in their moderation task.

Moreover this datapack can be used in solo or on server for redstoners who want to quickly switch to spectator mode to observe the good working of their redstone machine. The advantage of this datapack over a freecam client mod is that you can open containers (hoppers, chests, etc.) and watch their content. Moreover you will not be limited by the rendering range of the server because being in spectator mode, you will load the chunks around you while moving.




This datapack is still in development, a first version is now out ! Wiki is work in progress !


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