Player Heads Drop Datapack

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Player Heads Drop



What is it ?


This datapack drop the heads of the players when they die whatever the way (other players, entities, fire...). The head that is dropped depends on the skin of the player who died. If the player subsequently changes skin, the head will not change appearance.







  • Drop of player heads
  • One custom advancement in Adventure group.
  • Allow or disallow heads to appear whenever you want with function headsdrop:cmd/on-off-drops. (Default is on)
  • Allow or disallow the custom advancement whenever you want with function headsdrop:cmd/on-off-advancement. (Default is on)

Custom advancement illustration



How install it ?


On Singleplayer :

 - Download the file corresponding to your game version

 - Go into your game files, in saves/name of your world/datapacks and juste drop the file you downloaded



On a Server :

 - Do the same thing as Single player but drop the file in your server name/world/datapacks




exemple - illustration
Simple illustration of the datapack - This player is dead and log off; his head drop at the ground where he is dead.




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