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370 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 23, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.1
Warning! This plugin does not spawn a mob! Plugins such as Mythic Mobs or /mob wither are required for this to take effect.(or via ingame wither spawning) This plugin is like PrisonFight and DragonSlaying. It adds skulls on kills, but unlike PrisonFight which adds heads of players upon killing them. This adds the head of the wither after killing the wither. How to use. - Download plugin. - Upload it into your server - Restart your server. Done. :) PrisonFight Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/prisonfight.9147/ Dragon Slaying Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/dragon-slaying.9469/ Alongside adding skulls it also adds the prefix Wither Slayer.
CONFIG: [code]<code>#</code><code>#</code><code>#</code><code>#</code><code>#</code><code>#</code>##</p> <ol><li># </li><li>Made by: Scorpionvssub # </li><li>Version: 1.0 # </li><li># <ol><li> </li></ol></li></ol> <p>Settings:</p> <ol><li>plugin prefix: prefix: '&amp;6[&amp;9WitherSlayer&amp;6]' </li></ol> <ol><li>broadcast the message true/false. Default: true broadcast: true </li></ol> <ol><li>adjust the msg broadcasted here. </li><li>var &lt;player&gt; shows player name. message: '&amp;6&lt;player&gt; &amp;9has slain the wither!' secondkill: '&amp;6&lt;player&gt; &amp;9has slain the wither again!' </li></ol> <ol><li>The prefix people get after slaying the wither. </li><li>Be sure to add the &amp;r so the color codes are removed and not orange or anything.(this should then allow &amp;4 ingame to be used.) slain: '&amp;6[&amp;9WitherSlayer&amp;6]&amp;r' </li></ol> <ol><li>set wether or not there can only be 1 witherslayer </li><li>true = more then 1 </li><li>false = only 1 true wither slayer. multislayer: false </li></ol> <ol><li>Do not change this unless you know what you are doing!!! </li><li>Default head drop = MHF_Wither/ </li><li>replacing this with any other name will result in a different head being dropped after killing the wither head: "MHF_Wither" </li></ol> <ol><li>Change the lore here that is shown hovering the skull. lore: '&amp;9The head of an Wither!' </li></ol> <ol><li>This is the name given to the skull after its been dropped, change however you wish. skullname: '&amp;9Wither head' </li></ol> <ol><li>unchangeable texts can be colored.(This includes help and version). color1: '&amp;9' color2: '&amp;6'[/code] BUGS: - Gives the prefix but loses it upon reloading the server.(Being worked on) TODO: - Give me idea's Videos: - None as of yet.


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