PrisonFight V4.1

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789 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 4, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.1

Adds player heads on death by player.

What does it do? You make a region or a world where pvp is allowed. 2 players battle it out to see who is stronger then the other. the person that dies will "lose their skull" and the guy that killed him will gain said skull in their inventory. The plugins only thing right now is a listener on death event nothing more. it looks for deaths and if a player killed another player only then will this plugin give a skull to the killer of the victim.


Me(scorpion) and claire fight each other and claire beats me, she will get my head in her inventory.

Setup: - Create a place where pvp is enabled, - Load this plugin in. - Done.

Upon killing and login into the server it adds a random firework to be fired.

Next to that it has the ability to take a %(configurable) of the cash the victim has and add it to the killers account.

Dependencies: - Vault. 0ptionally also worldguard to make regionated pvps.

Testing: Wanna see how it works? Server: Location: Prison and Survival(Nether).

Commands: /pr | pr help *checks the help page*I

/pr version

/pr reload


- pr.manage


Give me idea's :D

Give me idea's and ill sure to take them into account.

This has been build on spigot API 1.8.7 havent tested this on any earlier version so cant guarantee it'll work there.

How to instal? Just drop it in and fight!


Found a bug? report them :)

Suggestions? Add them below :)


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