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285 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 11, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.1

This Plugin is still in development stage and can contain some bugs but should otherwise function the way DragonSlaying and WitherSlayer do.

Setup: - Download - Put in your plugin file - Reload Server. - Done.

Permissions: - boss.use *This permission is only required for reloading the settings.

Commands: /boss reload /boss version /boss help

What does this plugin do?

If you arent familiar with 2 of my other plugins...or 3 as PrisonRiot was my first in this sort of catagory... This does the exact same as dragon and wither slayer but combines the 2 to hopefully give you some more ram for other plugins on your server, saving u some memory.

Incase u dont know them, this plugin gives you a skull of either boss(Dragon/Wither). In the config you can turn each off if u dont want to use Wither or Dragon skull drops/prefixes. It doesnt spawn a dragon or wither for you but merely uses those u have ingame through spawners or other wise spawned.

Since this plugin isnt fully done i ask you to test it and report the bugs to me so i can fix them. The config should explain itself and otherwise just ask!

[SPOILER="Default Config"] [code]Settings: broadcast: true broadcastmsg: '&amp;6&lt;player&gt; &amp;9killed the &amp;6&lt;entity&gt; &amp;9using a &amp;6&lt;item&gt; &amp;9amd got his head'</p> <ol><li>This prefix wil be used in regular messages aswell as infront of those that have slain both or just 1 DragonPrefix: '&amp;6[&amp;9Dragon Slayer&amp;6]' WitherPrefix: '&amp;6[&amp;9Wither Slayer&amp;6]' BossPrefix: '&amp;6[&amp;9Boss Slayer&amp;6]' </li></ol> <ol><li>set wether or not you allow more people to have the prefix. multislayerwither: false multislayerdragon: true </li></ol> <ol><li>Set which boss should be used. Both can be used just set them to true. wither: true dragon: true </li></ol> <ol><li>Adjust the dragon/wither head names here. DragonHead: '&amp;9DragonSkull' WitherHead: '&amp;9WitherSkull' </li></ol> <ol><li>dragon/wither skull owners. DO NOT CHANGE!! DragonName: "KingEndermen" WitherName: "MHF-Wither" </li></ol> <ol><li>dragon/wither kill (again) msg Dragonkill: '&amp;6&lt;player&gt; &amp;9is the new dragon slayer.' Witherkill: '&amp;6&lt;player&gt; &amp;9is the new wither slayer.' </li></ol> <ol><li>adjust the lores. DragonLore: '&amp;9Dragons Head' WitherLore: '&amp;9Wither Head' </li></ol> <ol><li>adjust version/help color here. color1: '&amp;9' color2: '&amp;6' </li></ol> <p>[/code] [/SPOILER]


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