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The plugin that will never stop talking! (unless you turn it off xD)

Why choose this plugin instead of all the other announcers available?

  • It supports variables like time, name, ... <== Since 1.02 !
  • It doesn't send announcements when there are no players online, so your console doesn't get spammed. Or, there is an option to disable console logging.
  • Supports normal color codes.
  • And much more ...


See this page for the variables

Actual features

  • Commands to do everything in-game.
  • A lot of configurable options, but still kept simple.
  • Good support
  • Supports color codes
  • Has variables like current server time and player name.


requires OP or permission: SimpleAnnouncements.setup

Executing /sa will show this list.

  • /sa list
  • /sa find [Search string]
  • /sa add [Announcement]
  • /sa rem [Start of announcement to remove]
  • /sa tag [New chat tag]
  • /sa interval [Interval in minutes or sconds]
    example: /sa interval m5 ==> would be 5 minutes
    example: /sa interval s5 ==> would be 5 seconds
  • /sa save
  • /sa reload
  • /sa onlywhenplayersonline [on/off]




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