R&W Experience

1,104 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

R&W Experience is a tech pack created to allow users to easily join our server using our own modpack. It is frequently updated when needed (and possible)

The pack contains all the mods we love, but still tries to keep the game lag-free. This means:

  • No magic mods like Thaumcraft.
  • No cosmetic mods like Hats or Hats stand. 
  • Includes veinminer to allow early-game progression to go faster.
  • Extra Vive Forge Extensions mod to allow players to see other players that are using Vivecraft to play the game in VR! (yes, this pack is fully compatible with Vivecraft)
  • Optifine & Shaders mod supported! (but not included)

We will soon be adding a mod list to this page. For now, expect the usual tech mods (AE2, buildcraft, IC2, thermal expansion, ... )


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