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Build as if you were four. Mirrors blocks ... for survival and creative!


With this plugin you can build your house, and only place 1/4th of the blocks you would normally use. Build whatever creations you want, this plugin will make it symmetrical. The perfect builder tool.


Nice demonstration of the plugin by Ultibyte.


  • /mm x/mirrorx/mx (Use the x-axis as a mirror)
  • /mm z/mirrorz/mz (Use the z-axis as a mirror)
  • /mm c/mirrorcross/cross (Use the x and z-axis as mirror = mirrors 3 times)
  • /mm r180/rotation180 (Rotates everything around the center with 180 degrees)
  • /mm change x/z/c (changes your mirror type without changing the position of the mirror)
  • /mm tp (teleports to the mirrorpoint)
  • Press shift to stop mirroring and release it to continue.


To use the plugin, you need this permission:

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