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This plugin is developing for builders, that want to build something symmetrical without using other apps or region cloning. It implements vertical radial symmetry and mirror symmetry for X and Z (for y it is same as radial). At this moment plugin is in WIP stage, so some bugs may occur.


Video demonstration (oldest version): Link



  • symcenter = symcen
    Add center of symmetry. You must be on position, that become center.
    permission: symmetry.symcen
  • remcenter = remcen
    Removes your symmetry center and disable symmetry for you
    permission: symmetry.remcen
  • symcount <count> = symc <count>
    Set count of symmetry points. Default value is 4. Support values from 1 to maxcount.
    permission: symmetry.symcount
  • symreload = symrel
    Reloads configurations
    permission: symmetry.symreload
  • symtype <type> = symt <type>
    Change symmetry type
    Available types are:
    - radial - default value, vertical radial symmetry
    - mirrorx - mirror symmetry across x-axis
    - mirrorz - mirror symmetry across z-axis
    permission: symmetry.symtype

Symmetry maximum radius or distance and maximum points count can be changed in the config.

Symmetry building mode available only in creative


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