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2,684 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 8, 2020 Game Version: 1.16
Want an easy way to announce information on your Minecraft Server?
ServerAnnounce is your easy solution!
Now with 1.16 RGB Support!
Works with Minecraft versions 1.11 - 1.16.3

Create custom messages to be displayed in your chat!

  1. Ability to use color codes AND Hex (1.16)!
  2. Add multiple lines to your announcements using '-n'
  3. Commands to change everything without going into the config!
  4. Add a custom prefix before each message with your servers name!
  5. Set a custom interval between messages!
  6. Option to enable or disable the messages!
  7. Option to make messages appear at random!
  • /SAlist - See a list of the announcements in the config as well as their number
  • Usage: /SAlist
  • /SAadd - Add announcements without going into the config
  • Usage: /SAadd [New Announcement]
  • /SAremove - Remove announcements without going into the config
  • Usage: /SAremove [Number of announcement you want to remove. See /SAlist]
  • /SAenable - Toggle announcements being displayed
  • Usage: /SAenable
  • /SArandom - Toggle announcements being displayed in random order
  • Usage: /SArandom

/SAUseOldColors - Enable or disable the use of old color codes

usage: /SAUseOldColors


  • /SAprefix - Change prefix that appears before each message
  • Usage: /SAprefix [Prefix] (Note: Cannot have spaces!)
  • /SAtime - Change the amount of time in seconds between each message
  • Usage: /SAtime [Time in seconds]
  • /SAhelp - Shows a list of commands
  • Usage: /SAhelp


  • /SAbroadcast - Allows you to broadcast a message to the server with your set prefix
  • Usage: /SAbroadcast [Broadcast]
  • /SAreload - Reload the plugin
  • Usage: /SAreload
 # Welcome to the ServerAnnounce 1.8 Config created by llkirkwood9
# Time in seconds between messages
time: 60
# The prefix that shows up before each announcement. Leave it as '' if you do not want it.
prefix: '#b000ff[#9132feS#7043fbe#4c4ef4r#1755ecv#0059e1e#005bd5r#005bc7An#005bd5n#0059e1o#1755ecu#4c4ef4n#7043fbc#9132fee#b000ff]'
# Enables the announcements
enable: true
# Enables messages being displayed in random order
random: false
# Allows the use of old color codes instead of hex. Ex: &4 (old) vs. #FF0000 (new)
useOldColors: false
# Allows the use of old color codes when using /SABroadcast
broadcastOldColors: false
# Here are your announcements. Feel free to add as many as you want!
- '#ff0000T#fe0030e#f7004ds#eb0065t #d9007am#c31b8be#aa3397s#8e409ds#72499ea#574e9ag#3f5191e'
- '#FF0000You can also add new lines -n#00FF00just like -n#0000FFthis!'
- '#32a852You should probably change the config'
- '#7ae9ebWelcome to the server!'
  • ServerAnnounce.* - Gives permission to all ServerAnnounce commands
  • ServerAnnounce.list - Access to /SAlist
  • ServerAnnounce.add - Access to /SAadd
  • ServerAnnounce.remove - Access to /SAremove
  • ServerAnnounce.enable - Access to /SAenable
  • ServerAnnounce.random - Access to /SArandom
  • ServerAnnounce.oldcolors - Access to /SAUseOldColors
  • ServerAnnounce.prefix - Access to /SAprefix
  • ServerAnnounce.time - Access to /SAtime
  • - Access to /SAhelp
  • ServerAnnounce.broadcast - Access to /SAbroadcast
  • ServerAnnounce.reload - Access to /SAreload
Legacy bukkit/spigot users:
The latest version of this plugin only works with versions 1.11 and up
If you are using an version pre - Spigot 1.11, please download ServerAnnounce version 1.2 as it will work with Spigot 1.4 and up.
Thanks for reading! If you come across any issues with the plugin, please send me a message so it can be addressed!


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