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Want an easy way to give players your Discord invite link?
DiscordPlugin is your easy solution!

Works with Minecraft versions 1.11 - 1.15.2


  • Have your players do /discord to get the Discord invite link!
  • You can fully customize the command in the config or in game!
  • You can use color codes to make your command look fancy!
  • Add a custom prefix and message in /discord


  • /discord - View the invite link to your Discord server
  • Usage: /discord


  • /DPlink - Change the link that appears in /discord
  • Usage: /DPlink [Link -- no spaces!]


  • /DPprefix - Change the prefix that appears in /discord
  • Usage: /DPprefix [Prefix -- no spaces!]


  • /DPmessage - Change the message that appears in /discord
  • Usage: /DPmessage [Message -- okay now you can add space :) ]


  • /DPhelp - A list of all of the commands
  • Usage: /DPhelp



  • DiscordPlugin.discord - User can do /discord - All players have access to this by default
  • DiscordPlugin.link - User can do /DPlink
  • DiscordPlugin.prefix - User can do /DPprefix
  • DiscordPlugin.message - User can do /DPmessage
  • DiscordPlugin.help - User can do /DPhelp
  • Discordplugin.* - User has access to all DiscordPlugin commands!



 #Welcome to the Discord Plugin config created by llkirkwood9
#Prefix that appears before /discord leave it as '' if you do not want it
prefix: '&b[&dDiscordPlugin&b]'
#Message before your Discord link leave as '' if you do not want it
message: '&cJoin the Discord at:'
#Enter your Discord link
link: '&dEnter your link in the config'



Thanks for checking out this plugin! Please message me if you have any issues or suggestions!

Also, check out my other plugin - ServerAnnounce - A simple announcement plugin for your server


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