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Restricted Areas

If you want to...

  • Keep your server's world size to a minimum to save disc space
  • Minimize chunk-load lag caused by having lots of online players all over the map (#1 cause of server-side lag)
  • Have a raiding/factions server, but want the players to be able to actually find each other
  • Are just plain sick of people camping at two-and-a-half-gazillion blocks from the spawn!!

...Then this is a plugin you might be able to use ;)
  • Simply select areas with WorldEdit and set them as "habitable"
    • Don't have WorldEdit? Just add the area straight to the contain.txt file in the EvFolder folder (details below)
  • Once any part of a world has been claimed, players in that world can not enter any other, unclaimed zones in that world.
  • If no areas are set, then that whole world will be accessible.
  • moderators with the stayinside.evade permission can override the plugin by using /escape to toggle "freedom"
  • ..they can also use /escape [player name] to toggle wall-evading for other players.


- evp.stayinside.evade

- evp.stayinside.claim


  • //pos1 ~ Sets a position
  • //pos2 ~ Sets another position
  • /restrict ~ Adds the selection to the contain.txt, (however you will need a server restart for this new area to take effect).

Note: If you don't have WorldEdit, it will say "unknown command". However, it will still register the position, so don't worry.

Format for contain.txt entries

[World Name],[max X],[min X],[max Y],[min Y],[max Z],[min Z]

(each new entry goes on a new line)

- - - - - - - - - - - - Example - - - - - - - - - - - -


This keeps all players in the world "myworld" within a 1000x1000 square area.
The '0's cause the y-dimension to have no restriction (eg., the player can go to any height/depth they wish)


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