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Aug 9, 2017

Owner: evmodder

*** <1.14 - NOTICE> ***

DropHeads for 1.14 is here!

DropHeads 1.14 new heads

Sorry it took almost a full week from the 1.14 release before getting this DropHeads update to you guys.

Be aware this is a BETA RELEASE, meaning I haven't had time to test it properly!  Please post below (or PM me) if you find anything that seems broken.  There will likely be another DropHeads release sometime in early May with polishing and cleanup for 1.14 if you would prefer to wait.

*** </1.14 - NOTICE> ***


People kept asking me to share this plugin from my private server, so I decided to make it fully public! :)


DropHeads logo showing a head collection


  • Heads of any player or mob (ex: pink sheep, brown horse, angry wolf)
  • Head textures update when dropped or mined, fixing a longstanding stacking issue
  • Textures guaranteed not to change (not bound to a player skin)
  • Fully configurable (see below)

Commands (just one)

  •  /gethead <name>


Configuration Options

The default settings are designed to fit well on most any server, but if you want to change them here's a sample of what you can do:

  • Only drop player heads
  • Only drop heads when killed by a player
  • Adjust head drop rates (per mob)
  • Looting drop chance percent increase
  • Require use of specific weapon(s) to get heads
  • Increase drop chance per specific tools (ex: gold_axe)
  • Spawn condition drop rate modifiers (eg: mobs from a spawner have a lower head-drop chance)
  • Change any/all the head textures
  • Automatic updates, bringing new textures and bug fixes (enabled by default)
  • Charged creeper head drops (configure per mob)*
  • To see other config settings, check out the files in the source repository



Q: Can I edit the head textures (i.e., for a resource pack)?

A: Yes!  Look into the head-list.txt file

Q: How do I modify mobs' head drop rates based on spawn reason?

A: Edit the spawn-cause modifiers.txt in the config folder

Q: How much lag will this plugin cause?

A: Virtually none

Q: I'm moving from a different heads plugin, will this be compatible?

A: DropHeads works as a drag-n-drop replacement for all heads plugins I've tested, but if you have any problems let me know!



  • Currently, there are no good heads for the following mobs:
    • Giant (just looks like zombie)
    • PolarBear (exists, but texture is kind of ugly)
    • Tropical Fish (3104 head varieties--need to find an automated way to generate them all)

If you find a bug or can help with filling in the missing heads, please let me know! :-)



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