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  • Blocks the profanities players are always spewing out these days =P
  • Anti-Spammer with configurable punishments (currently a little buggy, disable it in your config.yml if you are having odd results)
  • Permission nodes for chat colors and formats
  • Extremely configurable
  • All features can be toggled on/off using commands or in the plugin config
  • Place in plugins folder and restart the server to install
  • Automatically checks for available updates (if enabled) and install them
  • add/remove words on the blocked list
  • define what specific words ought to be replaced with (e.g., replace "hell" with "nether")
  • Filter bad words from commands, signs, and books (if enabled)
  • Anti-Spam and ANTICAPS



  • > /chatm anti-filth (toggles on/off -chatmanager.togglefilth)
  • > /chatm anti-spam (toggles on/off -chatmanager.togglespam)
  • > /chatm colors (toggles on/off -chatmanager.togglecolor)
  • > /chatm formats (toggles on/off -chatmanager.toggleformat)
  • > /chatm reload (-chatmanager.reload)
  • > /chatm help/list/info (-chatmanager.command)
Aliases: chatmanager, chat, chatm, evcm, cm

Other Permissions:
- chatmanager.spamfilter.exempt
- chatmanager.chatfilter.exempt
- chatmanager.color.*
- chatmanager.color.<color name>
- chatmanager.format.*
- chatmanager.format.<format name>
- chatmanager.signcolor
- chatmanager.signformat


- you find a bug in the plugin,
- a player is bypassing the plugin,
- you want me to add something to the plugin (new features, blocked words, etc.)

...Then please leave a comment and I'll fix it! :D


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