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RALogin: The Blocklike Loyalty Program.


One of the most important aspects you want to see in a potential player on your server is loyalty. When you gain a new player, you want them to stay for a while, rather than join once and leave forever. Loyalty-reward programs are a proven method of ensuring consumer loyalty used by insurance companies everywhere.
It's fairly simple - reward customers for staying loyal, and they'll be motivated to not leave!


RALogin is a plugin that aims to implement a simple loyalty program in Minecraft. Every 24 hours, all players with appropriate permissions (listed below) will receive a user-defined amount of "login tokens" on login. These tokens can then be spent in-game on rewards, including monetary rewards, items, commands, etc. There is no limit to the amount of tokens a player can have, aside from memory/type limitations in Java.

RALogin requires Vault and a valid economy plugin to run!



/logintokenView token countNone
/logintoken tradesView available packagesralogin.trade
/logintoken trade [package]Trade tokens for a packageralogin.trade
/logintoken check [name|uuid]Check other players' token countralogin.view
/logintoken give [name|uuid] [amount]Give a player tokensralogin.modify
/logintoken take [name|uuid] [amount]Take tokens from a playerralogin.modify
/logintoken set [name|uuid] [amount]Set a player's tokensralogin.modify
/logintoken reset [name|uuid]Reset a player's total countralogin.admin
/logintoken reloadReload configurationralogin.admin


ralogin.receiveReceive tokens on login
ralogin.tradeTrade tokens for packages
ralogin.viewView other players' token counts
ralogin.modifyModify token counts
ralogin.adminReload configuration
<caption>All permissions default to OP-only.</caption>


Default config.yml can be found here.

<big>Source code can be found here.</big>

<big>Originally written for RisingAllianceGaming. You should go check them out!</big>


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