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What is Infinipots and what does it do?

Infinipots is a plugin that allows your players to do one command (such as /speed) and they will instantly be given that potion effect for an infinite amount of time (even comes back if they die!). To get rid of it, simply run the command again!​


/speed (player) - Gives the sender or a given player infinite speed.​ More potion effects will be added in future updates!


Note that OP gets access to all commands by default. infinipots.* - Gives access to ALL commands from Infinipots infinipots.speed - Access to the /speed command infinipots.speed.others - Access to give other players speed​

How do you set up Infinipots?

To set up Infinipots, simply install the plugin and start your server. When a player runs a command from the plugin, it will just work. It's as simple as that!​

How do you configure Infinipots?

To configure Infinipots, simply open the config.yml file found in the Infinipots folder, and edit the values to your liking. More detailed instructions can be found in the config.yml.​

How do you install Infinipots?

To install Infinipots, simply drag and drop the .jar file into your plugins folder, and start or reload the server! No other plugins are needed for this to work, but a permissions manager is recommended.​


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