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What is SuperAdmin and what does it do?

SuperAdmin is a great plugin designed to help you moderate your server. It has a toggle-able admin mode and an admin GUI with 18 different features. This plugin contains features which will allow you to change setting within your world, vanish from players, and more.

How do you set up SuperAdmin?

To set up SuperAdmin, all you have to do is install the plugin (see below) and give your players any permission which you would like them to have (I recommend only giving trusted staff members permissions from this plugin).


Supports Java 1.7 and higher

Automatic Updating!

More coming soon!


This plugin has only two commands, yet tons of features!


Aliases: /admintoggle, /admint, /at, /togglea, /ta

What does it do: Enables admin mode

Admin Mode
  • Vanishes the player
  • Clears the player's inventory (inventory is copied & restored once admin mode is disabled)
  • Gives the player night vision
  • Sets the player's gamemode to creative

Aliases: /adming, /ag

What does it do: Opens the admin GUI

AdminGUI Options
  • Creative Mode - Sets the player's gamemode to creative
  • Survival Mode - Sets the player's gamemode to survival
  • Heal - Sets the player's health and food level to max, removes all potion effects
  • Day Time - Sets the server's time to 0
  • Night Time - Sets the server's time to 1800
  • Super Sword - Gives the player an "Admin Sword" with sharpness 1000 and unbreaking 1000
  • Sunny Weather - Clears any rain in the player's world
  • Vanish - Toggles vanish mode for the player (compatible with ToggleAdmin's vanish)
  • Butcher - Kills all hostile mobs within a 100 block radius of the player
  • Global Mute - Enables Global Mute for the server, preventing players from talking
  • Clear Chat - Clears the chat for each player
  • Clear Inventory - Clears the player's inventory
  • Kill All Entities - Kills ALL entities within a 200 block radius (does not kill players, item frames, paintings, or armor stands)
  • Open Workbench - Opens a workbench for the player
  • Peaceful Mode - Sets the difficulty to peaceful
  • Cycle through Difficulties - Cycles through each difficulty (ex. if it's peaceful it will change to easy)
  • Night Vision - Gives the player permanent night vision
  • Reload Server - Reloads the server 10 seconds after being clicked, sends a warning message


Note: By default, OP has superadmin.*

superadmin.*: All permissions

superadmin.toggle: /toggleadmin

superadmin.toggle.others : /toggleadmin [player]

superadmin.gui: /admingui Allows the player to talk while Global Mute is enabled

superadmin.clearchat.exempt: Prevents the player's chat from being cleared

superadmin.vanish.see: Allows a player to see vanished players

How do you install SuperAdmin?

To install the plugin, simply drag the SuperAdmin.jar into your server's plugins folder and reload/start the server. No additional plugins are required, however a permissions manager is highly recommended.

Automatic Updating

This plugin will automatically update as of version 1.1! If a new version has been released on this page, it will automatically download the latest update. To disable this, go to your plugins folder and find the Updater folder. Enter the config.yml of that folder, and set "disabled" to "true".


1.0 Initial Release

1.1 Added automatic updating

Download Milestones

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1000 [✓]

5000 [✘]


  • Add Metrics (site is currently down)
  • Add support for /admingui [player], performing things on the player (such as muting & banning)


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