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What is ILikeTrains and what does it do?

Inspired by ASDF movie, ILikeTrains is a simple plugin that can be used to mess with your players. There are two ways to do so, and each will be explained later on.

How do you set up ILikeTrains?

To set up the plugin, simply install the plugin and give your players the permissions that you see fit.


Built in Java 1.7

Listens to chat messages and if the message contains "train", something special will happen ;)


/iliketrains - Aliases: /train, /trains, /ilt When you a player runs the command, there is something that will happen :P


iliketrains.* - Gives all permissions from the plugin (Default: OP)

iliketrains.command - Allows players do do /iliketrains (Default: true - to deny permission, give -iliktrains.command) - Prevents there from being trains when the player chats (Default: OP)

iliketrains.keepinventory - Allows the player to keep their inventory (and xp) when the train shows up (Default: OP)

How do you install ILikeTrains?

To install ILikeTrains, simply drag and drop the .jar file into the plugins folder and start/reload the server!


1.0 Initial Release

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