Grand Economy Vault Compat

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840 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 20, 2021 Game Version: 1.12  

This is a plugin that makes Grand Economy work with Vault. Due to complications with how Forge loads alongside Bukkit, this integration would not work properly unless I made a separate plugin for this.

So, what exactly does this do? Two things:

  • If Grand Economy's economyBridge config option is set to vault, this finishes the process of connecting it to Vault so mods that use Grand Economy can use currency from your preferred Vault-compatible economy
  • If Grand Economy's economyBridge option is not set to Vault, this registers Grand Economy with Vault as an economy so Vault-compatible plugins can use whatever currency Grand Economy is using.

This is NOT a standalone economy plugin that uses Vault. It REQUIRES Grand Economy and Vault to function, or else you will get a crash.

Note that when using "vault" economy bridge, not all Vault economy plugins will work with all Grand Economy mods. This is basically because many economies are designed with only players in mind,  and some mods that use Grand Economy need the ability to make accounts for non-players. Because of this, I recommend SaneEconomy for best compatibility.


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