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Do you have a lot of griefers joining your server? Want to get rid of them? Create some bait (a house or so), set it up with Gotcha!, and bye bye griefers! Once the griefer destroys a block from the house he will be banned.


  • Ban griefers without being online.
  • Works like a honeypot. (see )
  • Simple and easy to setup
  • Logs to a file who was banned
  • Does not ban ops or users with gotcha.bypass permission
  • Very lightweight and should work with every bukkit version


  • /gotcha start | Start selecting blocks that trigger Gotcha!
  • /gotcha stop | Stop selecting blocks that trigger Gotcha!
  • /gotcha clear | Clears blocks list


  • gotcha.use | Use the setup commands.
  • gotcha.bypass | Give this perm to users that may destroy protected blocks.

Planned Features

  • Remove blocks from the Gotcha! list
  • Option to only kick on destroy
  • Work with WorldGuard regions
  • Add help command, better message formatting
  • Work with "strikes": break 1 block, waring + kick, 2nd one 10 minute ban, 3rd, permanent ban, or something like that. Suggestions are always welcome!


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