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Create Coupons that execute console commands.


  • Redeem Coupons only once
  • Coupons can do anything, you can add as much commands to a coupon as you want
  • Quick and easy to use, ingame commands
  • Use the player name and world in your commands
  • Very lightweight on your server

Commands and Permissions

/cc <Coupon name>CouponCommands.claimClaims the coupon
/cc add <Coupon name> <command1;com2;...>CouponCommands.addAdds a coupon
/cc remove <Coupon name>CouponCommands.removeRemoves a coupon
/cc saveCouponCommands.saveSaves the coupons to disk
/cc reloadCouponCommands.reloadReloads the coupons from config
/cc listCouponCommands.listShows available coupons

Additional Permissions

CouponCommands.createsignAllows creation of CouponSigns
CouponCommands.*Gives access to all commands


%name% ==> The player name
%world% ==> The player world

Planned Features

  • Better chat markup
  • Block coupon names in chat
  • Add signs that redeem coupons
  • Add coupons that execute player commands


I now also support signs. To create them, you need the permission: CouponCommands.createsign To use them, you need the claim permission and you just right click the sign. CouponSign

Plugin Metrics

Don't expect a lot of servers/users. The plugin has only been added since a day. This plugin uses PluginMetrics to get this data: (click the image to see more information) CouponCommands Plugin Metrics

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