Creeping Void Missions

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After messing around with the End DLC Ambience on my Camp and Squid Coast

(Found in this mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft-dungeons/mods/starry-night-camp)

I decided to make another mod that does the exact same thing, but for the missions!

Fighting in Creeper Woods is much scarier!, Mushroom Island feels far more magical, and Obsidian Pinnacle is even more EPIC!


*If Minecraft: dungeons updates any of the missions in any way. Don't use this mod as it would probably mess up some things. I'll update it as fast as I can though!

*Even though it appears that the only thing this mod changes is ambience, it still changes the mission files to do so, so this mod is NOT compatible with any other mission changing mods. 

*Currently this only changes all of the missions in base game, and some of the DLC missions too. Exceptions are a few missions/areas that look better left untouched, another exception is the Nether Missions which will be VERY controversial, which is why they will get their own unique mod next week! Additionally, the DLC missions are "kinda" altered but it still requires a few more changes, update is coming!

*There's more images of the beautiful missions at the images tab!


Join my Discord Server!: discord.gg/KYzdd3E

Thanks for Dokucraft Team for their help in modding this game.

How to set up Minecraft Dungeons for modding (Launcher version)

    1. Open the launcher and click on Settings in the lower left corner.
    2. Go to the folder shown in the Settings menu under "Minecraft Dungeons Installation".
    3. From the install folder, go to dungeons\dungeons\Dungeons\Content\Paks
    4. Create a new folder here called ~mods (Yes, with a ~) and put your mods in this new folder.


  1. When you want to launch the game, do it by running the Dungeons.exe file in your <install folder>\dungeons\dungeons folder. Running the game through the launcher will remove any mods you have installed.

How to set up Minecraft Dungeons for modding (Windows Store version)