The Katana Addon!


The Katana addon adds a new weapon to the game: The Katana. Katana's are meant to be a true alternative to the sword (because lets face it: no one actually uses tridents or axes in place of a sword). Katana's deal less damage and have less durability than their sword counterparts, however you are able to use them as a form of mobility via dashing! Just right click and you instantly dash foward a couple blocks. Dashing is meant to be slower than horses and elytras, but easier to obtain and use. Personally, I find dashing to be very useful when exploring large caves or climbing mountains. Dashing also can break your fall too!


The Katanas

Wooden Katana

Damage - 3

Dash Range - 4 blocks

Dash Cooldown - 5 seconds

Durability - 20 hits

This Katana is not very good, but it still can be used to break your fall at least. Plus it's cheap to craft!



Stone Katana

damage - 4

Dash Range - 5 blocks

Dash Cooldown - 4 seconds

Durability - 60 hits



This Katana also is not very good, but it still also can be used to break your fall and it's cheap to craft.


Iron Katana

damage - 5

Dash Range - 8 blocks

Dash Cooldown - 3 seconds

Durability - 125 hits



This Katana is decent. It's definitely usable, but there are just better options. Still, it's relatively cheap to craft and easier to obtain than the upcoming Katanas.



Diamond Katana

damage - 6

Dash Range - 10 blocks

Dash Cooldown - 2.5 seconds

Durability - 700 hits



This Katana is great! Obviously, the Netherite Katana is better, however the diamond Katana will last a while and is a great choice if you don't want to use the Netherite required for a Netherite Katana.



Netherite Katana

damage - 7

Dash Range - 12 blocks

Dash Cooldown - 2 seconds

Durability - 1500 hits

This is the best "normal" Katana. It has the best durability, the highest damage damage, and the second best range and cooldown in the addon. Overall a great choice.


Golden Katana

damage - 3

Dash Range - 15 blocks

Dash Cooldown - 1 second

Durability - 100 hits

+Better Enchantment Luck


Golden weapons have always had a bad reputation in Minecraft and for good reason: they just aren't worth it. Their durability is just too low to justify enchanting them. This Addon tries to fix this. The Golden Katana still does have a low durability, but it's not the worst, and it's upsides make up for it. The Golden Katana has the highest Dash range and lowest cooldown in the pack. Additionally, I tweaked this items enchantment luck to be comically high, so it has amazing enchantment luck.


Emerald Katana

damage - 5

Dash Range - 8 blocks

Dash Cooldown - 2.75 seconds

Durability - 125 hits

+Gives xp when attacking

-Cannot be enchanted

The Emerald Katana is very unique. It's not really intend to be used as a main weapon, rather it's supposed to be used to easily get some extra xp when grinding for enchants. I don't really like Minecraft's xp grind (Getting to level 30 is an absolute pain), so this item was made to help with that. 

Also if you're wondering, it grants 1 xp per hit.


Copper Katana

damage - 4

Dash Range - 8 blocks

Dash Cooldown - 4 seconds

Durability - 45 hits

+Strikes all mobs in a five block radius with lightning

Make Sure to turn "Holiday Creator features" on for the addon to work