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347,326 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 26, 2020 Game Version: 1.11.0

Recently updated with all sorts of new goodies!

This pack contains structural components. There is a large octagonal truss set that can be useful when building bases, stations or large spacecraft. There are also a number of skeletal-style stack adapters for mounting cluster engines or just looking cool. There's also a 2.5 m skeletal docking port, and a similar port dedicated to the octagonal truss sections.


To install, place the included GameData folder inside your Kerbal Space Program folder. If asked to overwrite files, do so.

Known Issues: 

Future Plans: 

  • Small truss set

This pack bundles InterstellarFuelSwitch by FreeThinker, distributed under its own license., and CommunityResourcePack by RoverDude, also under its own license. 


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