Far Future Technologies

Welcome to Far Future Technologies, a mod to extend your space program into THE FUTURE. This mod provides pretty optimistic but generally viable spacecraft technologies. These might not be possible today, but the physics works out, and might be feasible within the next 100 years.


Key features:

  • - Exotic Fission Engines: running the full gamut from low-thrust fission fragment engines to the notorious nuclear salt water rocket
  • - Fusion Engines: a wide swathe of thermal and inertially confined fusion engines
  • - Antimatter Catalyzed Engines: augmenting fission and fusion with antimatter power
  • - Torch Drives: for those who don't care about balance. One in the Fusion, Fission and Antimatter category.
  • - Resource Harvesting: many options for collecting resources, like atmospheric and exospheric scoops, big mining rigs and antimatter factories 
  • - Thermal Mechanics: integration with System Heat for deep thermal mechanics
  • - Plumes and Animations: integration with Waterfall to drive some (in my opinion) beautiful plumes


Keep in mind that Far Future Technologies is complex! Rocket engineers will need to master basically everything from CryoTanks, Near Future Tech and a lot more to succeed.